Our Services

As an independent specialist contractor our clients can be confident of receiving a flexible, thought-through building envelope solutions. Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory designs, supplies, and installs high performing façade systems.
Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory are great collaborators and believe the way we work with our clients is quite unique and strive to get hands-on with projects as early as possible. We welcome the opportunity to work through the design phase with developers, owners, architects and general contractors to help provide the best possible- solution to fit your specific needs. We take the time to fully understand the project requirements and put together the right project team to deliver it. The unique element is the experience and quality of our people, together with their technical design and delivery expertise.
Our project managers are skilled in both technical and man management, to ensure the Seamless running of your project. Our excellent manufacturing capacity ensures quick delivery and efficient installation of all products.

Design & Engineering

The engineering department at Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory comprises degree qualified personnel who are able to assist with both the technical construction and the aesthetic aspect. We work with our clients to decide upon the most erective and cost efficient design solution. Our In-house team of experts work Side-by-side with consultants and architects to create complete comprehensive design solution.
Our design and engineering team is equipped with the very latest software technology, and is experienced in glass and metal works allowing us to use a hoistic approach to our system designs.
Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory recognizes design is constantly evolving during the engineering and construction phase. To accommodate this, and get the most Out of our design, we maintain a dynamic relationship with our clients.
Once the design phase has reached the optimum solution, our close relationship with global suppliers ensures we are able to construct quality façade products.


Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory offers quality manufacturing. We have invested Substantially in the latest software and  ardware systems in metal works, aluminum composite cladding and glass installation, and our manufacturing facilities houses state-of-the-art machinery and technology providing offsite systems and solutions that meet the needs of our customers Sophisticated software transfers design information directly to our production plant where we are able to manufacture accurate building envelope products.
Cube Metal Industries team strive to exceed expectations on reliability and delivery. All of our products are manufactured under strict quality management control which is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Our accredited quality management systems and procedures eradicate onsite variability and ensure lifetime “in service performance and durability”.


Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory installation team has the experience, technology and capabilities to deliver the most challenging project. We maintain a professional and efficient approach both on and off site and work closely with contractors to achieve the client’s needs.
Every project we undertake is overseen by an installation project manager to ensure works are completed on time, on budget, and to the best quality standards while guaranteeing the safety of our team members. To achieve it, our planning starts from the very first project meetings and our installation managers are engaged early on the process to ensure their valuable experience is fed into our design, planning and delivery strategies.