About Us

Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory establishment In 1994.
Kanaan Glass and Aluminum Factory was created to meet the high standards aluminum products Demanded by national and international contractors with optimum solutions for their problems. Today Kanaan Glass and Aluminum Factory is one of the leading quality manufacturer of aluminum Products such as wall partitions thermo insulated doors, windows, facades, curtain walls, structural glazing, automatic doors, rolling shutters, grills and venetian blinds.


Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to provide services to our valued clients, based on professional engineering excellence and in the same time with marked competitive edge to the entire satisfaction of the clientele.

Quality Of Works
Prior to fabrication stage, quality control personnel will establish inspection guidelines and formats defining all aspects of quality control compliance to applicable standards and specifications. Quality control inspection checks list is prepared and approved by the project management team. This outline is the quality requirement from start to project completion. As the project is on progress, quality workmanship for every phase is maintained through strict adherence to applicable standards and specification. The QA/QC inspector ensure that relevant project standards are followed. Corrective actions are sought with the project management when deficiency is observed. Records of regular quality control inspection reports, observation and comments are maintained in this reference. A regular meeting is developed to correct mistakes and prevent recurrence, in this meeting all site foreman and supervisors are required to attend and actively participate in the discussions of matters pertaining their work areas. Suggestions and comments are encouraging among site workers to develop and promote better understanding to quality control requirements.

Quality Control Procedure
The following notes are intended for the guidance of supervisory and inspection staff. It is expected that section supervisor will exercise strict control over their sections to ensure that inspectors have a minimum cause for rejection of materials due to faulty workmanship. Inspects will be familiar with the standard laid by Kanaan glass and Aluminum factory with the reference to British standards method of compliance and will co- operate fully with management to that no product leaving the works falls below the dictated by these standards.

Delivery Inspection
All aluminum profiles when delivered to be wrapped and tested for minimum micron thickness, top and bottom limits of color with approved apparatus. Profiles to be checked for shape and damages, all damaged area to be clearly marked. Once all checks have been made and cleared for usage, all faces of profiles to be taped for protection.

Delivery Protection
Aluminum window frame components and accessories will be suitably protected with low tac tape or other means from the time of leaving our premises to the installation in the building, suitable storage to be provided for all materials. All windows units assemblies or element are to prepared and packaged for transport to the site. All corners, edges and finished surfaces are to be protected to avoid damages.

Sealant and Weather stripping
One part polysulphide based gun grade in accordance with bs 5215, supported by suitable polyethylene backing core applied in accordance with manufacturer’ recommendations. All opening section are weather-stripping with E.P.D.M. Gaskets to international standards 1503934-1978(e)

Hardware And Accessories
Side hung windows, operating handles will be manufactured from one or more of the following  materials with non-corrosive pins and springs etc.

The standard of workmanship, comprising design, fabrication and delivery shall be the best possible standards. Cutting shall be straight and free from burrs and joints without gaps or imperfections except as designed. The glass is secured in a gasket manufactured from E.P.D.M. And is installed in the shutter frame either by the bead principle or wrap around dependent on type of windows. All in accordance with bs 4873.

Our Factory
The Kanaan Glass and Aluminum Factory is based in Al Khumrah, south of Jeddah. By having our own manufacturing and fabrication premises, this gives us the full control of all aspects of quality and delivery secured by IS0 9001:2015 certification.
Precision built offsite products require the application of leading-edge technology and contemporary manufacturing processes. Our machining facilities are mainly Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and includes preparation, roiling. cutting, assembly, welding, pressing, crimping, milling, and automatic insulation glass-line.
The machinery and knowledge, combined with a dedicated team committed to safety and quality, mean The Kanaan Glass And Aluminum Factory has the capability to fabricate building envelope systems to satisfy all customer’s requirements.